Everything You Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

8There’s no question that zombies are all the rage these days. Zombies have been a part of entertainment for many years and there are few things within pop culture that are more intriguing and popular as zombies.

While their popularity has seemingly reached a fevered pitch, there have been some suggestions that zombies are actually more than interesting and entertaining tales of science fiction and horror. It seems that more people are taking zombies seriously and with zombie news reports being more in the spotlight, the question many people ask is whether there is credibility to the existence or the danger of zombies.

Perhaps part of the questioning over the scientific possibility of zombies is due in large part to its popularity in today’s culture. From video games such as call of duty to popular television shows and recent movies that have zombie themes, zombies are the hot ticket right now. However, regardless of how popular zombies have become, does that somehow correlate into the plausibility of some sort of zombie apocalypse or a virus that would cause people to become soulless drones roaming the streets of the world craving human flesh?

People who are serious about the potential for zombie outbreak have been fueled even more by recent news events. Take for example the Miami zombie incident involving Rudy Eugene literally eating the face off of a homeless man before having to be shot four times by local police in order to get him to stop. Then of course, there was the story of a Baltimore college student who used a knife to slice a man into pieces and proceeded to eat portions of his brain and heart.

These events as well as others reported by online news agencies have caused zombie survival aficionados to begin storing provisions as well as guns in order to hold out during a possible zombie apocalypse.

If all this wasn’t enough, the CDCs zombie apocalypse survival guide adds more fuel to the fire. To many, this lends credence to the plausibility of some sort of zombie infection. However, it’s necessary to understand that the CDC has made these tongue-in-cheek approaches to a zombie apocalypse before.

At the heart of their zombie apocalypse plan in an initiative to help people to be more prepared in the event of some sort of emergency. These emergencies include natural disasters or pathogens that would negatively affect a large part of the Earth’s population.

If the CDCs involvement was taken as a validation of the fact that some sort of bacteria or virus existed that could cause such a calamity, then it was done so by people more interested in science fiction and less interested in fact. The CDC has recently disavowed any position that they feel they a zombie apocalypse could potentially occur.

Whether you’re a fan of a zombie survival guide or you take zombies for what they’re worth, science fiction and horror entertainment, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared. Even though a zombie apocalypse may not be around the corner, preparing emergency food and water as well as vital provisions is a good idea because even though zombies may not be knocking at your door, emergencies can arise that you need to be prepared for. Surprisingly enough, preparing for the zombie apocalypse is good way to be prepared for any emergency that might arise.


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