Zombie Survival Quiz: Are You Prepared to Survive When the SHTF?

a scary undead zombie girlWhether you watch the show “Doomsday Preppers” or “The Walking Dead” or just believe in a “zombie apocalypse” (without REAL zombies) in the form of an economic collapse, you will want to know how to survive. Take this quiz and see how qualified you are to be a survivalist.

1) What is meant by SHTF?

2) What is TEOTWAWKI?

3) How many drops of bleach will purify a gallon of water?

4) What is the best type of light to have in an emergency if you can only have one?

5) If you were stranded in an emergency and had to walk home, what type of clothing (made from what material) would be the worst possible clothing to be wearing?


1) SHTF stands for “Sh-t Hits The Fan” and might be a national power grid outage, a major terror attack or a total societal breakdown.

2) TEOTWAWKI stands for “The End Of The World As We Know It”

3) 16 drops, but only if the bleach is not ‘out of date’ and only if the water is not contaminated by anything other than bacteria. Bleach is NOT a very good method of purifying water from a lot of things that can hurt you.

4) A headlamp. Backpackers use them so that they can do things in the dark “hands-free.”

5) Cotton. Backpackers call cotton “death cloth” because if it rains or if cotton gets wet some other way, it takes forever to dry out and meanwhile, the moisture sucks heat from your body and speeds hypothermia.

Now that you know some basic survival tips for a zombie apocalypse, think about what you will do if you are stranded away from home in any type of emergency, including ones more realistic than those involving zombies. What do you have in the trunk of your car that would enable you to get by?

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Mike Kuykendall, Prepping Consultant

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