How to Survive a Zombie Attack

2If you want to know how to survive a zombie attack, you must remember some things. Zombies are cruel and vicious things, both in fiction and in reality. They have no emotions or the ability of rational thought. Some might say that they are mindless drones, which function primarily on instinct, and their instinct tells them to eat human flesh. Bearing that in mind, they are considered highly dangerous. So, when faced with an zombie attack, here are some pointers.

First and fore most, you must avoid contact with them. Any exposure may be dangerous as they tend to “leak” and leave their infected bodily fluids all around and you wouldn’t want to be in contact with those fluids or the zombies that “leaked them”.

Physical fitness and dexterity are also very important if you plan to outrun a zombie. You need to be in shape and prepared for serious physical activity. Also, you must vigilant. You can never know from where a zombie could come from, so stay sharp and alert.

Body armor wouldn’t hurt, either. You have to remember that they bite, so you have to be dressed accordingly. Anything that can stop a human bite from penetrating your precious skin is good. The best choice would be anything made from quality leather as it is durable and you can move quite easily in it.

Now let’s talk weapons. Everybody knows that to kill a zombie, you simply have to destroy the brain or remove the head. Guns are a natural choice, but not necessarily the best one. Melee weapons are much more reliable, more silent (very important) and very accessible. There are tons of tools in your household that can be used for zombie disposal and are relatively easy to use and maintain (knives, shovels, bats, etc.).

In order for you to be completely sure that you know how to survive a zombie attack, you need to collect information and be prepared, both physically and mentally.

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